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Tomato Paste / Canned Food

Tomato Paste / Canned Food

In 2012, we purchased the factory that is built on 110 decares in Bursa-Karacabey's Tophisar village with a daily infrastructure to process and manufacture 2,000 tons of tomato. This plant processes an average of 150,000 tons of tomatoes per annum and the product becomes ready for sale under the DEMKO trademark. Furthermore, 30.000 - 35.000 tons of products are manufactured as tomato paste and other products of tomato.

Moreover, we have operational pea and vegetable canned production lines at the factory and production is performed when needed.

Our plant mainly serves the domestic market and exports to Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Greece, Sudan and Iraq.

Turkey has about 40 plants and brands that manufacture and produce tomato paste and canned products in this industry. Serttaslar is among the top 4 corporations in this ranking with nearly 40 factories with its existing plant and the raw materials it manufactures under DEMKO trademark.

DEMKO, the trademark that has become one of the most reliable symbols of quality in the industry, is being produced with modern technology and world standards at Serttaslar’s plants in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex on tomato paste and canned foods. The competence of DEMKO tomato paste and canned foods, that undergoes a fine inspection of products offered to the consumer through many types of tests and controls at every stage of production along the road from the field to the table, has been registered with many documents and certificates to date. The greatest responsibility of DEMKO tomato paste and canned food, whose understanding of achievement is customer satisfaction, is to carry its image to the future with pride and to carry on business with the very care and attention.