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Serttaslar provides services for;

Type A customs bonded general warehouse with 28.000 m2 indoor area and 6 steel silos each with 5.000 m/ton capacity, 8 km away from Mersin Port,

Serttaslar acts with the consciousness of business partner with its customers as a professional team with the necessary technical machinery and equipment by the knowledge and work experience it has gained in the sector for many years of business. Serttaslar is committed to providing solution-oriented services with fast, high quality, competitive prices and low costs. Our company provides services with this understanding and is taking its place among the leading companies of the industry.

Services we provide to our customers:
• Product quality control,
• Insure the products we admit to the warehouses under insurance protection against natural disasters,
• All types of product handling and labeling,
• Change of packaging,
• Treatment and disinfection services,
• Provide operational support for product shipments,
• Provide simultaneous stock follow up with our customers.