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About us

Serttaslar Dıs Tıcaret A.S.

The company was founded in 1980 in the province of Mersin with the goal of exporting and importing pulses. Serttaslar has managed its way out to reach the level of exporting pulses to many countries of the world within a few years from its foundation with the 20.000 m/ton output of pulses screening and packaging facilities that is built on an area of 10.000 m2 in the year the company was founded.

Without compromising the quality, Serttaslar has brought the quality of the pulses received from the farmers to the final consumer by using the latest technological calibrating and sorting machines and after having the products passed through hand selection process and the company has achieved the level that can be delivered to the final consumers with the “Serttas” quality which is acceptable to all companies.

The goal and objective of Serttaslar is to realize the continuous growth in addition to the export of products such as but not limited to pulses, sesame, soybean, meals, spices and cereals.

Serttaslar is involved in the customs bonded and non-bonded warehousing operations at the that were founded on an area of 64.000 m2 in the city of Mersin. With 19 horizontal warehouses of 1,500 m2 each and 6 steel silos of 5,000 m/ton each, the company has successfully become one of the leading names in the industry by offering competitive prices and quality services for both nationwide and local companies.

At the lentil splitting plant based in Mersin, both local lentil and foreign origin lentil sieving, splitting and packing operations are performed and sales of these products are made to on both domestic and foreign markets.

Serttaslar entered tomato paste industry in 2008 to start paste production with tomato processing with the output of 2.000 tons of tomato at the paste making factory that was established on an area of 110.000 m2 at the District of Karacabey of the Province of Bursa. Then, it has rapidly had its position in the market by buying the DEMKO trademark. Serttaslar with its significant rank in the market share by manufacturing of about 15.000 m/ton of tomato paste is a steadily growing business by increasing its market share. Moreover, Serttaslar has reached sales that figure up to 2.500 - 3.000 m/ton in the Iraqi market with our Bursa trademark and has scored the level of a desired brand on that market. In the company’s Karacabey plant, apart from the tomato paste, canned peas are also produced and the company will soon start production and packaging of ketchup, mayonnaise, pomegranate and tomato sauces.